Get Your Pets Ready For the Changing Season With These 9 simple Tips

October 31, 2016

  1. Get outdoors every once in a while!




Now is the perfect time to get outside with your pet and let them explore the outdoors. As summer comes to a close, temperatures will become more bearable for both you and your pet. Take advantage while you can though, winter is just around the corner.


  1. While outside, watch out for those pesky wild mushrooms.


Henry at the Mushroom Garden


Mushrooms can be delicious when part of a meal, but if you find them outside it’s best to leave them alone! This advice goes for your pet, because even though most mushrooms won’t hurt them, there are a select few that can be very harmful.


  1. You’re not the only one who likes a warm and cozy bed to sleep in.


Blanket hog


Winter nights are longer and colder, and you’re not the only one who notices. It’s important to remember that your pets need a safe and comfortable place to sleep as well, and definitely make sure they are inside!



  1. The snakes may be hiding this time of year, but they are angrier than ever.

Kirby and the snake


Snakes like to hibernate in the winter, which means they will be hiding out in holes and other undisturbed places pets like to get into. Make sure to avoid places known to have lots of snakes, and be ready just in case.


  1. Ticks and fleas are still an issue!


double itchy


Even though ticks and fleas are usually considered a summer problem, they can continue to be an issue through the fall and into the winter. Make sure to check your pet frequently, and know what to do if you spot some.


  1. Sorry Fido, no Halloween candy for you!




Everybody loves chocolate, even dogs! Unfortunately if they eat it they can become deathly ill. This October 31st feel free to dress up your pet so they can take part in the fun, just don’t give them any candy!



  1. Just like us, pets need to pack on the pounds as the weather gets colder


Yeva and a sausage


More so than humans, pets are dependent on their body mass to keep them warm in the winter. To make sure your pet is prepared, you may want to slowly start feeding them a bit more during the fall months. Make sure to consult your veterinarian about how much more food they will need.



  1. Don’t let them near the mousetraps or rat poison!


Happy New Year


This time of year rats and mice like to find their way into homes in search of a warm place to spend the colder months. While you definitely want to keep them out, you don’t want to harm your pup in the process. Be safe, and make sure to place traps and poison where there’s no chance your furry friends can get to them.



  1. Pet’s don’t like changes, so make sure to ease them in slowly.


Happy dogs


As the seasons change, so do our schedules and routines. If starting school means that your pet’s friends (You!) won’t be around as often, try and get them used to that idea. As the weather gets wetter and colder it also means your pet will be spending less time outside and going longer without exercise, a change in lifestyle they may not be too excited about.


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