2 Emergency Pet Key Tags and 2 Pet Wallet Cards

Our emergency key tag will help alert emergency responders to look at your emergency pet care card in your wallet so they can tell your emergency contact your pet will need care while you are unable to do so.  

Each set includes 2 key tags and 2 wallet cards for a limited time.

These emergency pet key tags and pet wallet cards are NOT sold in stores and will sell out quickly.

Please consider purchasing this set for your friends and family who have pets!


Through our exciting partnership with Greater Good, purchases made on our website will now make an impact in animal shelters and sanctuaries across the country. When you make a purchase from us online, you will also be donating a specific number of meals for rescued animals.

Consider this a food drive for our furry friends!

It can take 3 business days to ship from our location in Rhode Island (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). All US orders will take 2-5 business days to deliver after payment.

All international orders will typically take 5-21 business days to deliver after payment.

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