Best Donut Dog Bed for Ridding Stress and Anxiety

July 27, 2023

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Want to get a donut dog bed to help calm stress and anxiety for your furry little one?

Searching for the best donut dog bed that is proven to help calm and relax their nerves?

Best Donut Dog Bed

If so, read on as I have had many donut dog beds over the years (I raise purebreds) and go through them more quickly than most, and it is safe to say some are more soft, plushy, and durable than others as this could not be truer.

What is a Donut Dog Bed?

What is a donut dog bed and how do they calm dogs?

Do donut dog beds help temper their stress and anxiety?

What is a Donut Dog Bed
A soft, comfy and plushy bed ensures sound rest and sleep for your dog which does not come easy for many of them as situational-triggered anxiety from things like lightning and loud-unexpected noises can hinder their sleep and induce stress or tremors, this is when a donut dog bed helps, and most so when you get the one below as its thick sides and self-warming design helps dogs to feel comfy and secured.

If your dog easily scares or stresses to loud sounds or noises, a donut calming bed is just what you need to help them as the round design holds them and instills a sense of security while the soft-plush material and self-warm design keeps dogs warm and comforted but let us review what makes them so effective.

How do you wash a dog donut bed?

How do you wash a dog donut bed
Once-monthly washes help safeguard dogs from allergens and sickness, and a clean-fresh bed ensures they have the good rest and comfort they need to feel calm and at peace.

Donut dog beds are only as helpful as they are clean and fresh, and you want to clean it good and often so you can:

  • Rid and deter fleas and their eggs.
  • Lower the risk of your dog marking and spraying their spot.
  • Maintain the plushy softness of the bed as dirt and grime can build and ruin the material.

To wash a dog bed, it is best to start by vacuuming it to rid loose dirt or debris as this will let the bed get cleaner and prevent your washer from being clogged.  Using a lint roller helps ensure you get it all, and if the bed has a bad smell or odor, sprinkle baking soda on it and vacuum the bed once it sits for one hour.

If the bed is badly soiled and stained, apply a pet-friendly, spot remover spray and let it sit and saturate for a good while, this is a great time to hand-scrub large or stubborn spots with a sponge or toothbrush.

Once crumbs are removed and spots are treated, you can put the washer-friendly bed into the machine for easy, hands-free cleaning but wash it on a gentle cycle at a cool temp of no more than thirty degrees, and avoid harsh, chemical-fragrant soaps to prevent your dog from having any itchy or allergic reactions.

Drying a dog bed is best done at low heat on a delicate cycle or setting to avoid damage to the bed and its stuffing, and never use dryer sheets when drying one as these too can cause a bad reaction for dogs.

Do donut dog beds help with anxiety?

Donut dog beds are loved for the high levels of security and comfort they give dogs, and this vet-backed, donut comfort dog bed will give yours a snug and secure environment that eases anxiety and promotes well-being, by far the best dog bed you can order for giving them the at-home comfort they deserve.

From reduced stress and anxiety to improved rest and sleep, donut dog beds, and the design and materials they use, are proven to help dogs feel happier and less scared or stressed.

If your dog has issues sleeping or has shakes or tremors due to thunder or loud noises, getting them a donut dog bed will curb their overall stress and give them a place of peace to retreat to.

How Donut-Calming Dog Beds Work

Donut calming dog beds are uniquely made to help dogs avoid symptoms of fear, stress, and anxiety.

The best pick is the one I cover below as it is made from soft-plush material with special features like its supportive, memory foam base and cushion, it also has large-bolster sides with a round, cave-like shape that hugs dogs to make them feel safe, calm, and secure.

To buy a donut dog bed is to give the gift of peace and comfort to these loving, easily-scared animals that will find solace in their new bed, it’ll no doubt be the go-to place of rest for your dog in the home.

Keep in mind, not all donut bed brands are equal as most loosely use the terms calming or anti-stress to market their product but as any vet will tell you, you want to pick a bed suited to the unique needs of your dog, and preferably, a bed from a reputable brand known to put quality atop their priority list.

Best Donut Bed for Cats and Dogs

As cute as it may be, your bed can get cramped and crowded when your dog sleeps in the bed, and pets that struggle with anxiety or depression may have a hard time adjusting to a bed of their own and is why the fur faux, fluffy donut dog bed is best as it promotes sleep, comfort, and warmth (all your dog needs to get settled into their new bed and home, you may soon learn that they spend most of their days in it).

To wrap up, the best comfort dog bed to get based on my experience is this best-selling, calming cat and dog bed that held up very well for me over the three years I have had it.

With over twenty thousand positive reviews you do not need to take my word for it that it is the best donut bed for dogs you can get as it is soft and plushy with a self-warming design that helps to soothe and relax dogs.  Plus, it is washing-machine friendly, so you can keep it hands-free clean with regular washing cycles. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program where we receive a small commission on a product you purchase.